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    5 Things your child-free friends want you to know

    (Image:Dressesofbridal.com) I’ll admit it. Now that I have kids and am knee-deep in parenting, I forget that not everybody cares about my kids as much as I do. Not everybody wants kids, and that is a perfectly valid decision. For those of us who have forgotten how the other side lives, child-free Redditors have some important insight to share. First, it helps to know that there is a distinction between child-less and child-free. A child-less couple may plan for kids in the future or struggle to conceive. According to the child-free sub-Reddit, “‘Childfree’ refers to those who do not have, and do not ever want, child...
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    Breastfeeding mom asked to leave skating rink

    (Image:wedding dresses Ireland) Breastfeeding moms in Texas, as with most of the U.S., are legally allowed to breastfeed their kids wherever they are legally allowed to be. A skating rink in Brownfield, however, didn’t get the memo. Morgan Riley was at the skating rink with her 7-month-old baby and her older child when her little one got hungry. She settled into a corner to nurse her infant but she says that a manager soon strode over and told her to cover up or retire to a private room if she wanted to nurse without a cover. She couldn’t leave the room because there was no one else to watch her older kid, and she says that the...
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    Empire's Jussie Smollett gets personal with Ellen about his sexuality

    (Image:wedding dresses IE) Empire star Jussie Smollett is a pretty private person and makes a point of not speaking about his personal life. However, during a recent sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres, he made the decision to open up about his sexuality. There have been a lot of questions about Smollett’s own sexuality since his character on the hit Fox series, Jamal Lyon, came out, and during an inspiring interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, he chose to address these questions. “It was really important to me to make sure that it got across that there is no closet,” Smollett explained. “There’s never...
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    Sex Box: Couples should watch this 'live sex show' together

    (Image:wedding dresses online Ireland) In a time where filters, Photoshop and savvy one-liners dominate social media, we’re conditioned to create virtual realities and share them. But instead of promoting the gritty truths of life’s mundane moments, we spend hours posting doctored photos and screen-shooting inspirational statements to depict a more stable self. For those in couple-dom, real life is particularly messy. Relationships experience ups and downs, and worse, cease functioning altogether. Tensions around sex, communication and compatibility can reach insurmountable heights when constituent members struggle to find ba...
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    Zelda Williams is struggling to return to a happy life after Dad

    (Image:Ireland wedding dresses) Robin Williams’ family has been left devastated by his death, but now for the first time, his daughter Zelda Williams is speaking out about her beloved father. On Thursday, Feb. 26, during an interview with Kate Snow for the Today Show, Zelda revealed that it’s still going to take time before she will be able to lead a happy life. “It’s going to take a lot of work to allow myself to have the sort of fun, happy life that I had, but that’s important. Anybody who has ever lost anyone works very hard to continue that memory in a positive way,” she expl...
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    Grammys: Madonna suffers serious wardrobe malfunction — on purpose

    (Image:Dressesofbridal bridal wear) The music industry’s elite are known to take major creative license when it comes to fashion on the Grammys red carpet, and Madonna’s 2015 getup serves as a prime example. The legendary performer arrived to the awards show in a risky ensemble that aired all her dirty laundry or lack thereof. Madonna stepped onto the red carpet in a funky yet fun and sexy matador-inspired outfit. The skirted frock had some leather and lace, a corset and a hat reminiscent of a traditional Spanish bullfighting cap. Think Running of the Bulls meets Fifty Shades of Grey. The skirted getup is not super-su...
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    Mindy Kaling is actually invisible, just like all minority women

    (Image:Dressesofbridal.com) I mean, America doesn’t even care to address her by her real name. It’s Vera Mindy Chokalingam. Go on, make a funny comment about how it’s a mouthful and difficult to pronounce. I dare you. If you haven’t seen the ad yet, it starts off with Mindy Kaling trying and failing to catch a cab. The cab breezes right by her but then stops mere feet from her, for a man. As she stands in the street perplexed and watching the scene unfold, we hear, “After years of being treated like she was invisible, it occurred to Mindy, she might actually be invisible.” You probably watched th...
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    Johnny Depp, Amber Heard spotted wearing wedding rings?

    (Image:http://www.dressesofbridal.com/) The Mortdecai actor was already engaged, but new photos show he may have already secretly tied the knot to actress fiance Amber Heard. Radar Online reports that Depp was sporting a suspiciously wedding-like band on a certain finger at the Mortdecai premiere in Los Angeles Wednesday, sparking the rumors that he and Heard said to heck with waiting and just got it over with. According to the site, similar rumors were flying last spring, when Depp was seen wearing a different ring on that finger. According to People magazine, Depp vehemently denied rumors at the time that he and Heard had gotten...
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    Some Struggles New Girl fans understand

    (Image:wedding dresses IE) Unf! New Girl is awesome, right? The friendships. The idiocy. The drama. The bright colors. Everything about it falls into this girl’s wheelhouse. The thing is… those bright colors aren’t really life. That on-screen idiocy will get you in real-life trouble. And that drama? Sucks way worse when it’s in your own life. Still. I want it. I want to be adorable like Jess. I want a sassy Schmidt in my life. And, more than anything, I want a dude like Nick. Except… do I really? Living the New Girl life is a struggle. I promise. Here’s what I mean. 1. I will never look that goo...
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    The new Walking Dead trailer shows nothing, and it's masterful

    (Image:wedding dresses Ireland online) AMC just released a new trailer for Season 5B of The Walking Dead and, in a mere 60 seconds, managed to make the few weeks until the show returns impossibly long. Essentially, they did what Lincoln’s cryptic car commercials with Matthew McConaughey did, but they did it far cooler told you absolutely nothing in a weirdly hypnotic way that makes you want to go out and consume said product posthaste. After all, what do we really learn about Season 5B from the “Surviving Together” trailer? Essentially, nothing. It’s Rick and the gang fighting their way through a densely f...
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